The wall challenge

Walls is the occasion to print thin surfaces and explore the relationship between the geometry and
the structural behaviour in adobe printing.
When addressing structural properties in 3d printing, one should consider two main aspects: the
structural integrity during the printing process, that is while the material is wet/uncured, and the
one of the printed-dried outcome and the loads it will be subjected to.

In order to categorise and frame the research, the focus of the workshop is divided into three
structural performances: balance, strength and stiffness. Each of them will be the object of a 1,5 day
modelling, printing session and structural simulation, organised in the form of 3 catalogues: For each
of the three catalogues, you will model 12 simple geometries out of which you will print one.
The results will be tested both physically and digitally: while printed pieces will be structurally tested
until breakage, geometries will be also simulated. Scientific measuring-documentation of both
process will then be used to test the validity of both processes aiming to form a valuable design tools
for future design tasks of the OTF program.



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