Ghazal Refalian is an Iranian architect and artist based in Barcelona. She is currently a PhD candidate in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and develops new methodologies to code geometric patterns for digital modelling and fabrication.

As an architect, she has started her professional activities since 2005 and has collaborated in various projects with a focus on computational design, digital form-finding and digital fabrication.

Beside the architecture, as an artist she exposes the interrelation between geometry and built-environment.

Since 2013, due to her interest to the concept of patterns in the built-environment and its role in imposing meaning and order into the design practice, founded PATTERNITECTURE, a platform to explore and promote the contemporary aspect of patterns in art and architecture. Until now, she has co-curated three events (exhibition and lecture series) in Tehran, Iran.

Since 2019, she is collaborating with CM CREATINE INTERNATIONAL to develop designs for digital and virtual space branding.

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