The book finally published!

When I was working on my Master thesis, there was no reference about parametric design in Persian language. I had to study and translate lots of  English books and thesis and essays in order to prepare mine. This book is the result of my finding in this way. It took two year to compile and publish it. It would be useful for anybody who need a deep understanding about history and the roots of computational designing, parametric design and parametricism.

In the first chapter the history of computational design is discussed. On the next chapter you will find definitions and theoretical structures of parametric design which will follow with case studies on third chapter. Fourth chapter is about architectural design process and role of parametric methods in it. Fifth chapter introduces parametric design as a style which Patrick Schumakher have call it Parametricism.  Chapter six tries to inset parametric methods for architectural design process and explicate determined algorithms in this matter. To make a wider vision for readers, a brief introduction of visual programming interface of Rhinoceros plug-in, Grasshopper, is taught. Final chapter discuss  about benefits and disadvantages of parametric design methods and the future of such a manner in the field. Appendix is provided with a translation of Robert Woodberry ebook “Element of Parametric Design”, which is published online. The book ends with vocabulary of computational design words.

I have to thank Prof.Mahdavinejad in Tarbiat Modares University, who supported and encouraged me in this way and it was not possible to make this without his help.


Algorithmic Architecture

Numerical Analysis and Parametric Programming for Contemporary Architectural Design Process

Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad            Ghazal Refalian

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