Girihchini Machine

Dear creatives!

I am thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for all those eager to explore the intersection of art, mathematics, and technology. Welcome to “A machine for Girihchini” Workshop!

“A machine for Girihchini” is a workshop designed to introduce architecture students to the fascinating world of Islamic geometric patterns and their mathematical principles. This workshop is perfect for those who want to learn about the history, significance, and classic drawing methods of Islamic geometric patterns and how to use them in contemporary architectural design using a toolkit in RHINO3D GRASSHOPPER called Girih.

In this workshop, students will learn about the basic building blocks of Islamic geometric patterns and their significance in art and architecture. They will also explore the relationship between formal grammar and Islamic geometric patterns, and how to generate complex patterns using the Girih toolkit for Rhino and Grasshopper.

Moreover, the students will discover how to create 3D models of Islamic geometric patterns using Rhino and how to apply different materials and textures to bring their models to life. They will also learn how to design contemporary structures that incorporate Islamic geometric patterns and how to push the boundaries of traditional Islamic architecture.

Throughout the workshop, students will have the opportunity to work with their peers and receive feedback from instructors to develop their skills and create innovative designs. The workshop will consist of four sessions of three hours each, with a hands-on approach to learning.

This workshop is entirely online, so students will only need a laptop with internet access and Rhino3D software to participate. By the end of the workshop, students will have a deep understanding of the mathematical principles behind Islamic geometric patterns and how to apply them in contemporary architectural design. There is a possibility that the selected designs of the students be presented in related exhibitions or publications.

This is code 01 of a workshop series that I will have on online platforms. So if you cannot catch this one, no problem!

This workshop is in Persian but I am already trying to plan another one in English!

So heads up!