I am happy to share with you that my first paper based on my PhD thesis is published by SAGE publocation in IJAC journal.

Formal grammar methodology for digital visualization of Islamic geometric patterns


In the oriental practice of art and architecture, and among the regions under their influence, Islamic geometric patterns (IGPs) have been widely used, not only due to aesthetics and decoration but also to make it possible to cover wide flat surfaces, curved surface of domes, and perforated surfaces of window and partitions, with perfectly tessellated shapes. However, with advances in time and technology, these techniques could not connect to the new technologies and benefit from the capacities of digitalization. Recent progress in science and technology tends to open new doors to study geometrical patterns by digitalizing the old ones and developing new variations. This study looks at formal grammar and computer science to introduce a new approach to digital visualization of available IGPs, particularly, star patterns.We investigate the potentials of developing a re-writing system for simulation of IGPs to provide a flexible platform, which allows introducing IGP to CAD/CAM software without previous knowledge on their design or drawing techniques. This methodology allows designers to directly develop various scenarios of IGP applications and implement them on related CAD/CAM tools.Formal language and grammar theories, based on applied mathematics are contributing to the advancements of computer science and digital modeling. They can provide an opportunity to express relational definition and written equivalents of the geometries by using strings and symbols. It is supposed that by using the formal grammar frameworks, certain languages could be developed to visualize IGPs in a machine-friendly way, and consequently, this computational interpretation of IGPs facilitates their application and further developments, for example, regards to digital fabrication.The presented method of IGP visualization is developed as a C#-based add-on for Grasshopper in Rhino3D, one of the main modeling tools used by architects and product designers.

Refalian G, Coloma E, Moya JN. Formal grammar methodology for digital visualization of Islamic geometric patterns. International Journal of Architectural Computing. 2022;20(2):297-315. doi:10.1177/14780771211039079

Access link: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/14780771211039079