Designing pattern, either as a surface treatment or a logic of assembly has always engaged both art and science. Moreover, by exploring many complexities of the nature, we can discover simple or intricate patterns, that structure an amazing or even at times an unexpected product.

chronologically studying the Iranian art and architecture, numerous valuable instances of formal, structural and conceptual application and design of patterns can be noticed. However, since a few centuries ago, the endemic capabilities of Iranian designers have been reduced to repetition and unproductive adaptation of what has already been developed by their ascendants. accordingly, they failed to make an efficient and practical use of the technological advances in order to approach the matter in a meaningful way. In-spite of that, exploring and representing the formal and conceptual aspects of pattern has remained a priority for the Iranian designers.

this dispute is the main driver of an exhibition that explores the application of pattern in the built environment in contemporary Iran. Inviting designer of various backgrounds, it is an effort to unwind the multifold meaning of pattern and represent the various approaches towards it and its capabilities. this event reflects a part of direct and indirect endeavors by the contemporary Iranian designers who tried to generate and regenerate these patterns and hopes to address the historical evolution of formal and conceptual development of pattern in Iran. PATTERNITECTURE is a review over how artists, architects and urbanists in Iran construe patterns and its application in the built environment and tries to initiate a debate among them.

| PATTERNITECTURE event consists of an exhibition, lectures, workshop and performances |

Patternitecture event will start on 25 August 2017, at the Niavaran cultural center, Tehran, Iran, and will end on 1 September 2017. During these 8 days various art works will be showcased which explores “Patterns in the contemporary built environments of Iran”.

List of artists who contributed to the exhibitions (Alphabetically arranged by name of artist):
Arxeh studio |Davoud Assadollahvash|Behzad Atabaki |Navid Azimi|Ali Bahmani|Pouria Bani Adam – Paniz Farrokhsiar – Amirali Zinati – Arman Najjari|Creation Habitat [MA]|Delagah Dadbeh – Sepehr Zhand|FabLab|Generative Patterns|Maliheh Haghighi – Sasha Aghababaie|Mohammadreza Ghorbani|Azadeh Hussaini|Mahsa Karimizadeh|Baharak Keshani|Habibeh Majdabadi|Shahab Mirzaian – Farzad Kafaie – Hossein Saneie|Reza Najafian ( ReNa design )|Paragen|Sharifeh Parsaie|Mohammad Sahranavard|Bita Shekari – Saiedreza Boreyri |Mir Mola Soraya|Mohammad Taraghijah|Tehran Robotic Architecture Matters [TRAM]|Tehran Urban Innovation Center |Sina Yaghoubi



Opening day        | August 25, 6:00 PM |

Performance art   Improvisation of patterns _Mir Mola Soraya      | August 25, 6:00 PM |

Performance art   Experience of creation of the pattern _ Bita Shekari- Saeid Boreiri       | August 25-  September 1 |

Robot performance             Robotic architecture  _ TRAM      | August 25-  September 1|

Talk 1     Quad ornaments in historical architecture of Iran _ Faramarz Parsi      | August 30, 6:00 PM |

Talk 2     The relevance of patterns _ Hooman Talebi     | August 30 6:30 PM |

Talk 3     Multi-scale architectural patterns  _ Sina Mostafavi      | August 30, 7:00 PM |

Talk 4     Pattern in art of Iran  _  Ardeshir Mirmongereh     | August 31, 6:00 PM |

Talk 5     Personal experiment of the artist  _ Mohammadreza Ghorbani   | August 31, 6:30 PM |

Talk 6     A review on experience of research-based workshop “Delta Z” _  Ramtin Taherian    | August 31, 7:00 PM |

Closing day          | September 1, 6:00 PM |


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