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Passing through historical periods, the traditional concept of ornament has lost its connection with contemporary culture. Affected by modern era approaches, ornaments have been transformed or marginalized. However, today it seems that we are in a recursion phase for ornaments. They are not a “crime” any more [Adolf Loos], but they have gained a new meaning and configuration within structure, function and systems. A new aspect of ornaments, named pattern is standing out in art and architecture literature and it seems a new opportunity is growing to re-read implementations of the patterns in art and architecture. PATTERNITECTURE is looking to represent concerns of contemporary designers about the presence of patterns in our built environment.

Transformations of ornaments include vast geography. Nevertheless, in some regions, these effects are more manifested and in other regions, we can observe less strong effects caused by modern approaches. Iran’s art as a land with a substantial connection with ornaments nowadays is facing a cultural and intellectual gap in this subject. Implementation of traditional ornaments in contemporary environments is fading and they have lost their audiences. PATTERNITECTURE is looking for an answer to this question “what are contemporary patterns in Iran’s art and architecture”. Or “How would old patterns look like under a contemporary perspective?” Due to this the ones who are interested are invited to present their proposals within two categories:

  • Group #1: historical patterns with a contemporary reproduction in their behaviour
  • Group #2: patterns which are designed and produced with new literature in the field


Received proposals will be investigated by the jury members and the selected ones will be invited to prepare their works for the exhibition.


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