I just finished a wonderful workshop in CAA, hold by two awesome guys from Iaac, Barcelona; Eduardo Cabay, Rodrigo Aguirre and  beside them Ramtin Taherian from CAA. Actually I am crazy about Persian patterns, especially when they come to third dimension like Muqarnas and Karbandi. This workshop opened a new perspective to the issue. we worked on some Islamic Greh pattern and tried to make them parametrized in order to make some kind of differentiation through it. Finally we expand the pattern in Z axis as the workshop was called DeltaZ. It was an integrated procedure consist of research, model making and prototyping. Here in he video you can see me working on 1:5 model. More than 30 hours none stop hard teamwork! Also we are thinking to continue the model and add some triangle paper which represents kind of tent-structure. Certainly they will have differentiation too!



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