Phase 2 finished…

Ideal dental clinic / Collaboration with Tarh Kalout Pars Cosulting

Tehran, Iran

Area: 200 sqm

Year: 2019

Design team: Saeedreza Boreiri, Bita Shekari, Ghazal Refalian

Ideal dental clinic is located in the first floor of a high-rise edifice in the center of Tehran for 15 years. Client decided to do a major renovation by extending the current space with combining the two adjoining flats. The main challenge of this project was that the clinic could not be closed completely, due to the number of the patients and provided services. As a result, it was decided to perform the renovation in three stages. Moreover, the mechanical facilities in the building was untouchable and had to continue working 24/7.

Beside technical issues in this project, after consulting with the client, design team decided to go for smooth forms accompanied with some playful patterns. The ambient had to be comfortable and modest, still presenting an integrated identity.

These smooth curvatures had to emphasize on the access and services in order to enhance the clarity of the space. Perforated patterns were mixed with facilities like ventilation and lights and were placed in focal points of the clinic, i.e. above the dental units.

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