Pattern, as the logic of assembly or a surface treatment which is associated with repetition and differentiation, provides a wide range of possibilities in various fields and aspects of design. Application of pattern in design can be achieved by simple repetition of identical elements, or it can represent a more sophisticated logic or relationship among various components.
Implementation of pattern in contemporary built environments and particularly architecture of Iran is spreading and the practice shows a
pervasive tendency in this field. The possibility of absorbing a variety of materials, sensibilities, performance requirements, environmental factors, geometries and kinetic forces makes patterns as an integrated aesthetic whole which represents cultural, intellectual and technological features within this synthetic activity.
“PATTERNITECTURE” exhibition is an opportunity to bring together Iranian contemporary designers, architects, landscape architects, urbanists and artists engaged with built environment in any scale, based on portraying various deployments of pattern in the field and representing their manifest of the subject.
Participants Curators’ intention is to collect a comprehensive set of projects in this field. As it will not be possible to exhibit all the submitted works, a jury is invited for the selection process. Jury’s criteria for selection will be based on approach, originality, creativity, craft, and quality and will consider a variety of works from different fields.
Group A: Architecture, Landscape architecture and urabanism
Group B: Art in all fields



Participants are required to register on the “Patternitecture” webpage and select their corresponding group. Registration fee and submission deadlines will be announced on the website. Accepted designers will be asked to deliver all required material by specified deadlines. These works will be published in a book. To appreciate time and efforts of participants, all submissions will be showcased on the Instagram page of the event and will be shown in a video clip which will be played during the exhibition.
Exhibition is looking for 1:1 scale prototypes and art works with dimensions ranging from 50*50*50 cm to 150*100*220 cm. Projects are to represent a component in the corresponding criteria. For example:
Group A: Architecture and Urbanism in all related fields: partitions, columns, floor finishing, canopy, door, urban furniture
Group B: furniture, lighting, interior fixtures, Painting, drawings, wallpapers, objects


Each project submission needs to include an explanation of design process and the pattern logic, both as text and poster. Text should be no more than 500 words about the design intention, the role of pattern in arts, design, and built environments, personal perspective of the designer within the field and its relation to the delivered work. A 50*70 cm poster including diagrams and imagery representing ideas, process, and pattern configuration should accompany the text. Videos are optional but encourages.
Important dates

Deadline 15 June
Jury’s meeting 15 -24 June
announcement 24 June
Prototypes delivery 6 August
Opening 25 August
Closing 2 September




Sina Mostafavi, Hooman Talebi, Faramarz Parsi, Farzin Hedayatzadeh, Rozita Sharaf Jahan, Reza Abedini



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