RhetusArcius is an add-on for the Grasshopper plug-in in Rhino3D that is developing for data visualization. This add-on allows you to reach different diagrams based on various types of data. Placing text-based data in a visual context helps people recognize relations which probably were undetectable before.
The purpose of this suite is to illustrate well-shaped drawings of design data and expose connections in the manner of Rhino3D geometries.

Developed in Code-it Workshop in Caai, Conducted by Roozbeh Sheikha, Ali Sheikholeslami and developed by Soheil Bagheri, Hooman Saliani, Ghazal Refalian, Faezeh Pakravan, Ava Mozaffari, Hesam Mousavinejad, Amirhosein Zourmand, Amir Javdan, Hamed Behmanesh, Arman Najjari, Sahar Barzani.


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